ASICS Solid Modified Singlet

: Red

Men’s ASICS Modified Singlet- Flying Under the Radar Has Never Looked Cooler

A lot of wrestlers think that the singlet makes the athlete, and that they have to have the coolest, flashiest, most unique singlet available. We’ve all seen these wrestlers, all about looking the part, and they want all eyes in the gym on their match. That’s until they step up against you in the ASICS Modified Singlet. Just like a uniformly colored spy plane, it is made to fly under the radar and catch everyone off guard. Made by one of the oldest brands in wrestling, it is composed of a very durable nylon Lycra that is both comfortable and flexible just like any other fancy singlet on the market. With its durability and considering that the basics will never go out of style, you will be able to dish out poundings in this singlet till it literally doesn’t fit anymore. Even though the ASICS Modified Singlet is the king of basic models, that doesn’t mean it can’t be unique too. Coming in four different colorways and checking in at a very modest price point, you can grab a different color for whatever mood you’re in, or whatever wardrobe necessity you may need. Perfect for either practice or matches, the ASICS Modified Singlet is one of our best-selling singlets so be sure to pick up some while they’re in!