Adidas Youth Tech Fall 2

: Black-White
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Adidas Tech Fall 2.0 Youth- A Small Shoe with a Big Bite

The Adidas youth Tech Fall 2.0 is the most up to date version of the Tech Fall model and is the front liner of its youth grappling shoe line. Designed for the most well-seasoned year-round wrestling tike, or boy or girl just trying out the oldest sport in the world, Adidas has every athlete covered. If you are looking for a new pair of wrestling boots for the upcoming season, and wear smaller than a size 6, then these are the perfect shoes for you. The Tech Fall is built from the ground up out of a modern mesh material that allows for the boot to be extremely breathable and lightweight, while still maintaining outstanding durability. Considering kids will blow through a pair of shoes like they’re made of paper, a durable, and affordable hi-tech wrestling shoe will last until their foot can’t squeeze into it anymore. The shape of the Adidas Tech Fall 2.0 is also very comfortable and supportive, helping to provide safe and snug support around the ankle and the top of the foot. Utilizing a wrapping tongue, high boot cut, durable mesh, and internal support, the Tech Fall couldn’t be comfier while still keeping the wearer quick on their toes. On the bottom of the Tech Fall is a well-constructed suede midsole perfect for preventing any kind of rips or tears from dragging your shoe across the mat. Whether it’s in a game of sharks and minnows, or the last tournament of the year, shoe blowouts are a thing of the past. Not to mention the midsole and stripes come in three different colors to add a pop of individuality and ensure that your kid doesn’t ever get bored of their new kicks. The midsole surrounds the popular split, wrap-around sole, made famous on the second Varner model, and provides ultimate traction from every angle and scramble position. The traction and grip from the gum-sole bottoms will actually have someone running off the walls. Completing the Tech Fall, and unlike the shoes you probably wore when you first started wrestling, is a lace garage that comfortably keeps all of the laces tucked neatly into the tongue with absolutely zero mess. No more having to stop and tie shoes or buying rolls and rolls of medical tape to keep your shoes on. When browsing the market for a new pair of youth wrestling shoes, finding a pair that is versatile, durable, comfy, and stylish, is important to ensure a positive experience. Adidas made sure to tick all the boxes when releasing the Tech Fall 2.0, allowing for you and your athlete to have no worries other than training like a champion.