Adidas Youth Hair Cover


Adidas Hair Cover: Designed to prevent long-haired wrestlers from getting a buzz-cut.

The Adidas Hair Cover has revolutionized what it means to be a
wrestling hair cap. Since the beginning of time, hair cover
manufacturers have been using the same basic design over, and over…and
over, with small tweaks here and there. Adidas wrestling decided to
totally rethink the design and create something that would fit great,
stay securely in place, and integrate perfectly with your headgear. If
you aren’t familiar, hair caps are required in scholastic and collegiate
wrestling for anyone who has hair past their ears or eyebrows. The
original hair caps used for wrestling were basically just glorified
skullcaps or do-rags. After realizing these were constantly falling off
and getting tangled during scrambles and hand-fighting, the governing
bodies of wrestling made a rule that all hair caps needed to be attached
to the headgear. So, manufacturers added two little loops to thread
your chinstrap through. Yay.

The Adidas Hair Cover took things a few steps further by creating a hair
cover that will stay in place with or without headgear, and allow for
better hearing. First, you’ll notice they’ve connected both sides with a
chin strap, so it won’t fall off or slide down. There are also built-in
loops on either side for a chin strap, as well as an additional loop on
top for the front straps of your headgear. Smart! On both sides, there
are holes to fit your gremlin-like cauliflower ears through. This
provides an additional anchor for the hair cap, and allows you to hear
better. But let’s be honest, you’ll probably still hear the team mom
yelling from the stands before you hear your coach telling you to run
the half. Oh well. The entire hair cap is made of comfortable and
stretchy Lycra fabric that is made to fit perfectly and stretch to fit
that enormous mop on your head.  Ok, we admit it, it kind of looks like
that thing the astronauts wore under their space helmets in Apollo 13…
but it works great! Go get em’ tiger!