Adidas Gear Bag

: Black-White

Adidas Gear Bag 2- If it Ain’t Broke. Don’t Fix it

The Adidas Gear Bag 2 is a design that has found its footing in the wrestling world for years. Its large pocket and long structure make it perfect for almost any kind of wrestling gear, and it seems like almost every brand has a similar bag nowadays. The difference is that the Adidas Gear Bag is one of the most durable, well tested, and most popular gear bags that they have ever released. The Adidas wrestling Gear Bag is a great multipurpose bag that features two large compartments inside and a zippered pouch on the outside to keep valuables and other small items safe. The two large pockets make it easy to store clothes, shoes, singlets, food, and any other match necessity, with plenty of room to spare. Not to mention that it makes for a great pillow on long bus rides too. The bag is topped off with a drawstring cinch that allows for quick access on the go, and mesh panels help to dry wet shoes and clothes quicker. The straps are extremely comfortable and are even extra padded to keep the weight of your post weigh-in food and other gear from digging into your shoulders. Also coming in a bunch of colors, Adidas had the everyday wrestler in mind when creating this gear bag. From the champion to the beginner, everyone can find the perfect use for the Adidas wrestling Gear Bag.