Adidas Reversible Singlet

: Red-Royal

Adidas Reversible Singlet

Reversible Red & Blue Singlet’s are a must have if you plan to
get serious about wrestling. If you’re in High School you better start
training Freestyle & Greco-Roman in the offseason, otherwise you
will be disappointed when you face an opponent who did put in the extra
work in the offseason by competing in the international styles of
wrestling; one of the oldest sports known to man. Generally, before the
match begins, each wrestler is assigned their color, Red or Blue. Having
a reversible singlet saves you from having to carry around two
different singlet’s all day. This particular one features a black stripe
along the sides, as well as the trim around the leg, arm and neck area
to help stand out. It is made from a Nylon High-Performance Lycra that
is very comfortable and cool to wear for an all-day tournament.


•    Reversible Blue & Red Colors with contrasting black panel

•    Moisture-Wicking Materials to keep you cool and dry during competition

•    Nylon Performance Lycra