Adidas Solid Singlet

: Navy

Adidas Solid Color Singlet- A Simple Singlet with High Performance Results

The Adidas solid color singlet is the minimalist wrestling uniform
brought by Adidas. Made of performance Lycra nylon, this Adidas singlet
is virtually unstoppable when it comes to durability. Made to win the
day in every position you put it through. The Lycra material also makes
the singlet machine washable, ultra-breathable, and fast drying. Because
who would ever think that wrestling in a wet singlet sounds like fun?
The simplicity of the solid color singlet makes it very versatile and
coming in seven different colors allows it to match with any team’s
wardrobe or any athlete’s mood for the day.  Whether you’re a seasoned
wrestler looking for a new singlet to roll around in at practice, or
someone brand new to the sport; the Adidas solid color singlet is the
perfect option for getting the job done. And you’ll look good doing it.