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That is an excellent question. It can be hard to determine exactly how long a ASICS Omniflex will last you. The durability of the wrestling shoe depends on both your wrestling style and the shoe’s durability. One of our WrestlingMart team members, Nate Morgan, would go through 3-4 pairs of wrestling shoes a season while wrestling at OSU while his team mates would have pairs last a whole season. How long do your current wrestling shoes last compared to your team mates? If they last less time, your wrestling style might be hard on your shoes. As far as the ASICS Omniflex’s durability is concerned, we compare this shoe to the “Ferrari of Wrestling Shoes.” Just like a Ferrari, The ASICS Omniflex is top of the line, the lightest and one of the grippiest wrestling shoes. These features effect the durability of the shoe making it a wrestling shoe we only recommend you wrestle in during competition otherwise it won’t last long. Ferraris aren’t as reliable as a corolla but weren’t meant to be. The ASICS Omniflex is the same way.

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