ASICS Omniflex Attack: The shoe scientifically engineered for elite competition

Created for the elite competitor, the ASICS Omniflex Attack is the lightest and most flexible shoe on the market. The sole uses wrestling-specific traction zones to provide extra grip, without being bulky. Some have said wearing the Omniflex Attack is what it feels like to be Spiderman, without having to deal with the Green Goblin. The upper is built around a Compression-Fit Bootie system for ultimate comfort. The thin PU support straps, offering a perfect fit, while remaining light as a feather. Perhaps the greatest improvement to this version is the “speed rope” lacing system, making it easier than ever to adjust the laces.

Manufacturer :
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Sizing :
Men's, Women's
Manufactuer's Color :
Red, Navy & White. Blue Jewel, Lime & Silver. Charcoal, Black & White.
Sole Type :
Lace Mechanism :
Lace Garage :
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Year Produced :
Washing Instructions :
Machine Wash Cold, Air Dry.
LowHigh Outsole Height BeginnerAdvancedCompetition Level LowMediumHigh Grip LowMediumHigh Flexibility NormalExtra Wide Width LightStandardHeavy Shoe Weight

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u u u u u 24 Oct, 2015 | They're really tight and get uncomfortable after a while,but they hold up very well. T 0
u u u u u 14 Oct, 2015 | I'm a female wrestler with narrow feet and these shoes fit pretty snug. The color is great and they look great but the first time i pulled them on, the mesh that makes up the tongue of the shoe (as well as fits around your foot almost like a sock) tore where the stitching was. It wasn't a big enough blemish and I didn't have time to order another pair so i kept them and otherwise they've held up pretty well. These shoes also have tons and tons and tons of traction to the point where sometimes its counterproductive. These wrestling shoes don't really allow you to easily slide out of a shot that you just sprawled on. Furthermore, one time i did a sit out and my leg was fully extended, heel in the mat. The kid kept pressure on me and the shoes wouldnt move; the didn't slide or anything. So if you have small feet and like lots of traction, these are the perfect wrestling shoes. I'd give a 4/5 if not for the tear. T 0