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WrestlingMart CA USA Womens Fight Shorts  black red white front WrestlingMart CAUSAW Womens Fight Shorts $39.99
WM SWEEP CrewNeck SS Tee White Navy  tshirt white navy main SWEEP $19.99
WM WRASSTLER CrewNeck SS Tee White Black  tshirt white black main WRASSTLER $19.99
WM SUPER PRIMO CrewNeck SS Tee White  tshirt white main SUPER PREMO $19.99
WM MURICA TOP GUN CrewNeck SS Tee White  tshirt white main 'MURICA TOP GUN $19.99
WM MURICA EAGLE CrewNeck SS Tee White  tshirt white main 'MURICA EAGLE $19.99
WM AINT EASY BASKETBALL CrewNeck SS Tee White  white main AIN'T EASY(Basketball) $19.99
WM AINT EASY BASEBALL CrewNeck SS Tee White  tshirt white main AIN'T EASY(Baseball) $19.99
WM AINT EASY FOOTBALL CrewNeck SS Tee White  tshirt white main AIN'T EASY(Football) $19.99
WM IMPORTANTER CrewNeck SS Tee White  tshirt white main IMPORTANTER $19.99
WM KING CrewNeck SS Tee White.jpg  womensshirt white main KING $19.99
WM BACK TO SCHOOL CrewNeck SS Tee White  tshirt white main BACK TO SCHOOL $19.99
WM AMERICAN MAT CrewNeck SS Tee White  tshirt white main AMERICAN MAT $19.99
WM USA CLASSIC CrewNeck SS Tee White  tshirt white main USA CLASSIC $19.99
WM DIE HARD CrewNeck SS Tee White  tshirt white main DIE HARD $19.99
WM WRESTLING BEARS CrewNeck SS Tee White  tshirt white main WRESTLING BEARS $19.99
WM USA WRESTLER CrewNeck SS Tee White  tshirt white main USA WRESTLER $19.99
WM JURASSIC CrewNeck SS Tee White  tshirt white main JURASSIC $19.99
WM SUSPECT CrewNeck SS Tee White  tshirt white main SUSPECT $19.99
WM SPLADLE CREW CrewNeck SS Tee White  tshirt white main SPLADLE CREW $19.99
WM LEG RIDER CrewNeck SS Tee White  tshirt white main LEG RIDER $19.99
WM ABE LINCOLN CrewNeck SS Tee White  tshirt white main ABE LINCOLN $19.99
WM DOUBLE LEG FLAG CrewNeck LS Tee White  longsleeve white main DOUBLE LEG FLAG $24.99
WM GATOR ROLL CrewNeck SS Tee White  tshirt white main GATOR ROLL $19.99
WM AMERICAN WRESTLING CrewNeck SS Tee White Green  tshirt white green main AMERICAN WRESTLING $19.99
WM BLOOD SWEAT WRESTLING Tee White Blue  tshirt white blue main BLOOD SWEAT WRESTLING $19.99
WrestlingMart Rosie the Wrestler Tee White  white main Rosie Tee $19.99
WrestlingMart Mat Rat Tee White  white main Mat Rat $19.99
WrestlingMart Bolt Tee White  white main Bolt $19.99
WrestlingMart Banana Split Tee White  tshirt white main Banana Split $19.99
WrestlingMart Brutal Cut Tee White Tan  tshirt white beige red main Brutal Cut $19.99
WrestlingMart Grit Tee White  tshirt white main Grit $19.99
WM_FLAG SILLOUETTE Womens Tee White  womensshirt white main uuuuu(1)5 Womens Silhouette USA Flag Tee $19.99
WrestlingMart Flying Squirrel Tee Red  tshirt red main Flying Squirrel $19.99
WrestlingMart Crafted Tee Heather Grey  tshirt heather grey main Crafted $19.99
WrestlingMart Camp Bear Hug Tee  Brown  tshirt brown main Camp Bear Hug $19.99
WrestlingMart SuperDuck Tee Red  tshirt red main SuperDuck $19.99
WrestlingMart No Guts No Gold Tee  DkHthrGrey  tshirt dark-grey heather front No Guts No Gold $19.99
NK Womens USAWR Gym Vintage FZ Hoody  hoodie blue heather main Nike Womens USAW Zip-Up Hoody $70.00
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Killer Gear for the Killer Girls

Ladies, look no further, you’ve found it! That’s right, we’re talking about the number one spot for women’s wrestling apparel. Well, that’s where we are headed anyway! WrestlingMart is based in Southern California, where there are probably more female wrestlers than anywhere in the country, and there’s more each year. We know firsthand that there is an enormous demand for quality women’s wrestling gear and apparel, and we’re working hard to keep up. The only problem is we seem to sell out of everything almost before it hits our shelves! We’ll admit it – we’re a team of mostly men trying to make clothing for girls. We’re doing our best, and we’ve slowly but surely been getting the hang of it. Fortunately, we get tons of great feedback from our customers that come to our store, and from girl wrestlers at the tournaments we go to. We’re committed to continuing to build an unbeatable product offering and wide selection of the best women’s wrestling apparel on the market!

Women’s wrestling has gone through a massive shift over the last couple of decades and, in recent years, seen exponential growth. In fact, it is one of the fastest growing sports in America at the youth, high school, and collegiate levels. It wasn’t very long ago that women and girls who did wrestle only wrestled against boys, and were mostly discouraged from participating in the sport by peers, parents, and a negative social stigma. That has all changed. Each year, more states are adding girls’ state championships, and new women’s wrestling teams are popping up all over the country. Some high schools and colleges are even adding wrestling as a sport where they never had either women’s or men’s wrestling! Since 1994, the number of women who wrestle in high school has grown from 804 to nearly 14,000, representing close to 2,000 programs.

This incredible growth could not have come at a better time. Over the years, scores of men’s college wrestling programs have been cut, especially at the NCAA Division I level. And even though wrestling is recognized worldwide as the world’s oldest sport, it was recently on the chopping block as an Olympic sport. In fact, it was announced to be removed from the 2020 and 2024 Olympics, but was later reinstated after a huge backlash from the wrestling community. But the fight is not over. Wrestling still is not guaranteed a spot after 2024. However, women’s wrestling could be the answer to preserving and growing both women’s and men’s wrestling. According the National Wrestling Coaches Association, over 130 colleges have added or restarted wrestling programs, many of which added both men’s and women’s teams. While female wrestling has not yet broken through to the Division I level, it very well may be headed there soon. With heroes and role models like Olympic champion Helen Maroulis and World champion Adeline Gray setting the example, there’s no doubt that the sport will continue to flourish.

With so many new female wrestlers joining the sport, where are they going to get their gear? WrestlingMart, that’s where! Please keep in mind, we’re fully committed to serving our customers as best we can. If there is something you’re looking for that you don’t see, or if you have a cool idea for new women’s wrestling apparel, let us know! We want to hear from you, and we hope you’ll support us in our quest to become the number one resource for female wrestling gear and apparel!

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