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Kennedy Monster Mop Replacement Pad main Kennedy Monster Mop Replacement Pad $49.99
KeyClean Dry Mop Pad main KeyClean Replacement Dry Mop Pad (48" x 4") $19.99
KeyClean Wet Mop Pad main KeyClean Replacement Wet Mop Pad (48" x 4") $19.99
KeyClean Matcleaner 72 main KeyClean Mat Cleaner (72 1-oz.Packets) $89.95
KeyClean 1 Gallon Sprayer main KeyClean 1 Gallon Sprayer $39.95
KeyClean Mops 48 KeyClean Mops 48" x 4" (Set of 2)-2 Mops $205.95
KeyClean Introductory Package main KeyClean Introductory Package $315.95
Kennedy Mop main uuuuu(1)4 Kennedy Monster Mop Set(1Mop/3Pads) $270.00
kennedy ken clean plus 2 gallon main uuuuu(1)5 Kennedy KenClean Plus Mat Cleaner-2.5 Gal. $82.99
kennedy ken clean plus gallon main uuuuu(1)5 Kennedy KenClean Plus Mat Cleaner-1 Gallon $36.99
kennedy ken clean plus quart main uuuuu(1)5 Kennedy KenClean Plus Mat Cleaner-1 Quart $14.95

Mat Cleaner

As much as we make an effort to decrease the risk of skin infections in wrestling and similar on-the-mat sports, it’s amazing how many athletes still wind up with “the funk”. Skin infections can range from something fairly minor (but still nasty) like ringworm to some more gnarly bacterial infections like impetigo or staph. Fortunately, there are many precautions you can take. The first step to preventing skin infections in your wrestling room is going to be keeping your mats immaculate.

Note: If you think you may have a skin infection, stop reading about mat cleaner and go see your doctor.

If you are funk free, read on. Keeping your mat use completely sanitary should be something that no one skips out or slacks on. Especially if you are a coach or the person in charge of mat cleaning, this is the one thing that is totally in your control. Of course, the athletes themselves need to stay clean as well for this all to work right, but that ultimately comes down to their own personal hygiene habits.

Keeping the mats clean involves having a properly mixed cleaning solution, a great mop, and ninja-like mopping skills. Make sure you hit every inch of the mat every time you clean it – you never know where some tiny little germ might be hiding. We recommend mopping at least a half hour before practice so that it has time to dry. In addition to mopping, having an area to sanitize, wipe off, and dry your feet is a great practice. This ensures that even if there was something nasty living on your shoe or you had to step outside with your wrestling shoes on (please don’t do this) then whatever was on your shoes won’t follow you back onto the mat.

If you have any questions about our cleaning or mat care products, please give us a call at 888-887-8893.

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