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WM 48in Replacement Mop Pad Blue  main Mop Replacement Pads-1 Pad $25.00
WM 48in Replacement Mop Pad Green  main Mop Replacement Pads-1 Pad $25.00
WM 48in Single Mop Kit(1 Mop,1 Blue Pad,1 Green Pad)  main 48 inch Mop Sets-Single Mop Set $110.00
WM 48Inch Double Mop Kit(2 Mops, 2 Blue Pads, 2 Green Pads)  main 48 inch Mop Sets-Double Mop Set $190.00
Re Juv Nal Matcleaner 1Gallon  main Re-Juv-Nal Mat Cleaner-1 Gallon $39.99
Re Juv Nal Matcleaner 4/1Gallon  main Re-Juv-Nal Mat Cleaner-Case-4 Gallons $140.00
KeyClean Matcleaner 72  main uuuuu(1)5 Re-Juv-Nal Mat Cleaner (72 1-oz.Packets) $94.99
Defense Large Disinfectant Tablets 13oz  main Defense Large Disinfectant Tablets-13.1oz/256ct-13oz $209.99
Defense Small Disinfectant Tablets 3oz  main Defense Small Disinfectant Tablets-3.3oz/200ct-3oz $89.99
kennedy ken clean plus 2 gallon  main uuuuu(2)5 Kennedy KenClean Plus Mat Cleaner-2.5 Gallons $92.60
kennedy ken clean plus gallon  main uuuuu(2)5 Kennedy KenClean Plus Mat Cleaner-1 Gallon $40.99
Kennedy Deep Clean II  front Kennedy Deep Clean II-1 Gallon $57.99
Kennedy Deep Clean II   Case of 4/1gal containers  main Kennedy Deep Clean II-4 Gallons $224.00
Kennedy Bucketless Mop Refurb Kit(1tube/4velcro)  main Kennedy Bucketless Mop Refurb Kit (1 tube / 4 velcro patchs) $14.99
Kennedy Bucketless Mop Replacement Pad  main Kennedy Bucketless Mop Replacement Pad-1 Pad $17.99
Kennedy Bucketless Mop Set  main Kennedy Bucketless Mop Set $199.99
Kennedy CleanZone Mop System  main Kennedy CleanZone Mop System $389.99
Kennedy Spray N Roll 2 Sprayer  main Kennedy Spray-N-Roll 2 Sprayer-2.5 Gallons $202.35
Kennedy Monster Mop Replacement Pad  main uuuuu(1)5 Kennedy Monster Mop Replacement Pad $59.99
Kennedy Monster Mop  main uuuuu(1)4 Kennedy Monster Mop Set(1Mop/3Pads) $299.05
Kennedy Monster Mop Double Wide Replacement Pad  main Kennedy Monster Mop Double Wide Replacement Pad $82.99
Kennedy Top Down Bucket System  main Kennedy Top Down Bucket System $210.44
Kennedy Sole Mat System  main Kennedy Sole Mat System $347.79
Kennedy Mat Tape Remover 1Gal  main uuuuu(1)5 Kennedy Mat Tape Remover-1 Gallon $65.35
Kennedy Mat Tape Remover 1Quart  main uuuuu(1)5 Kennedy Mat Tape Remover-2 x 1 Quart $55.93
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While there isn’t an award that we know of for “State Champs for Cleanest Wrestling Mat”, using our products you’ll definitely feel like you are. Plus, no matter how good you are, you can’t win a state or national title when you can’t get passed a strenuous skin check. That’s why a good quality mat mop, mat sprayer, and mat cleaning solution is absolutely necessary. It’s just as important as your wrestling shoes, singlets, headgear, and warm-ups. So why not treat it as such and get the best stuff there is available? A little bit of mat cleaning solution and a good quality mat mop can go a long way. No more having to swing an old mangled janitors’ mop around or use a mop bucket that should have probably been put in the trash ten years ago. Using the right products makes the whole dreaded process of cleaning mats that much more bearable, and most importantly, effective. Cleaning your mats before practice with mat cleaner, water, a fresh mop pad, and a little bit of oomph can go a long way. However, you may be better off having another wrestler do the hard work (pushing the mop) while you spray everything down. Make sure the mat’s dry for about thirty minutes before going to work and all the germs should be well taken care of. At WrestlingMart we pride ourselves on not only being the go to company for all wrestling gear, but the place for all of your wrestling sanitation needs, as well. Whether you’re looking for a single replacement product, or a full mat cleaning package, we have it all. Investing in high-quality mat cleaners will leave you assured that your mats are well cared for. Even your wrestler who doesn’t feel the need to shower after practice won’t be able to get through to the well protected mats.

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