Men’s ASICS Modified Singlet- Flying Under the Radar Has Never Looked Cooler

A lot of wrestlers think that the singlet makes the athlete, and that they have to have the coolest, flashiest, most unique singlet available. We’ve all seen these wrestlers, all about looking the part, and they want all eyes in the gym on their match. That’s until they step up against you in the ASICS Modified Singlet. Just like a uniformly colored spy plane, it is made to fly under the radar and catch everyone off guard. Made by one of the oldest brands in wrestling, it is composed of a very durable nylon Lycra that is both comfortable and flexible just like any other fancy singlet on the market. With its durability and considering that the basics will never go out of style, you will be able to dish out poundings in this singlet till it literally doesn’t fit anymore. Even though the ASICS Modified Singlet is the king of basic models, that doesn’t mean it can’t be unique too. Coming in four different colorways and checking in at a very modest price point, you can grab a different color for whatever mood you’re in, or whatever wardrobe necessity you may need. Perfect for either practice or matches, the ASICS Modified Singlet is one of our best-selling singlets so be sure to pick up some while they’re in!

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Men's, Youth
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Bare Rubber
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Machine Wash Cold, Low Temperature Tumble Dry
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  • 01 Dec, 2017 Wrestler
    u u u u u

    My singlet has gone through a lot of abuse and the material held up through it all. Highly recommend.

    T 0
  • 01 Dec, 2017 Wrestler
    u u u u u

    I bought one of these singlets for power lifting. It fit great and passed all of the requirements that allowed me to compete.

    T 0
  • 14 Apr, 2017 Wrestler
    u u u u u

    The black plain modified singlet is a common but good dress wear for any wrestler of any level. The stretchy, dry fit clothing is light but also comfortable. It allows a cool breeze in order to keep body temperature at a normal state, but also absorbs water/sweat. All in all, it's a good product, but would be better if better or flamboyant patterns.

    T 1
  • 24 Feb, 2017 Wrestler
    u u u u u

    The solid blue youth singlet fits my 5-year-old son very well. He said it is comfortable and allows for him to move with ease.

    T 1
  • Question byDoug
    on 19 May, 2022

    How do I add graphics and how do you price it?

    Unfortunately, we do not add graphics to ASICS singlets. However, if you call in our team sales department can walk you through all our different custom options.

    Answered by Products on 19 May, 2022

    Doug question solvedSolved T 0
  • Question bydiamond
    on 28 Feb, 2019

    What is the shipping time and is it overnight?

    We try to ship our orders as soon as they are placed. The Overnight fee is $39.99 and will ship the same day if orders are placed by 3PM PST

    Answered by Products on 28 Feb, 2019

    diamond  question solvedSolved T 0
  • Question byJay
    on 18 Sep, 2018

    Can you all put the team logo on these singlet

    If you have questions regarding screen printing or design work please call in to speak with our team reps. They would be happy to answer all your questions.

    Answered by Products on 19 Sep, 2018

    Jay question solvedSolved T 0
  • Question byJonathan
    on 06 Sep, 2018

    can these be customized with a white W on front

    We are only able to customize singlet for team orders. If you are needing to customize the singlet it would best to go with a Matman Singlet or a Cliff Keen singlet. ASICS does not do screenprinting.

    Answered by Products on 06 Sep, 2018

    Jonathan question solvedSolved T 0
  • Question byDee
    on 01 Nov, 2017

    If my grandson wears a size 10/12 shirt and 10 husky pants what size would i have to order him?

    Joey P.'s picture

    The singlets sizing are more based on weight rather than size of clothes.

    Answered by Joey P. on 06 Nov, 2017

    Dee question solvedSolved T 0
  • Question bymavis
    on 13 Oct, 2017

    what size would a 5 yr old child weighing 47# wear

    Joey P.'s picture

    They would be a size 4XS.

    Answered by Joey P. on 16 Oct, 2017

    mavis question solvedSolved T 0
  • Question byRay
    on 04 Jan, 2017

    Are there any sizes available in the Asics solid modified singlet in black? IS the same singlet available in white?

    Dave Applegate's picture

    The ASICS Solid Modified Singlet is too thin to be strictly white. It would show what is underneath if stretched too much : ) I'd highly suggest checking out the MatMan 95 Heavyweight singlet if you are looking for a white singlet. It has a thicker fabric that isn't see-through.

    Answered by Dave Applegate on 06 Jan, 2017

    Ray question solvedSolved T 0
  • Question byScotty Thompson
    on 30 Nov, 2016

    I'm looking at your Asics solid modified singlet in Royal blue. When do you expect these to be back in stock¿

    Dave Applegate's picture

    ASICS has the Solid Modified Singlet on back order for most of this upcoming wrestling season. I'd highly suggest checking out the MatMan 85 as a replacement : )

    Answered by Dave Applegate on 01 Dec, 2016

    Scotty Thompson question solvedSolved T 0
  • Question byScott
    on 22 Sep, 2016

    What is size chart

    Joey's picture

    Scott, if you click the "select size" button, a drop down menu with all the sizes and weights will show up. Find the size that coordinates best with your weight. If you are between sizes, we recommend going with the larger one.

    Answered by Joey on 22 Sep, 2016

    Scott question solvedSolved T 0
  • Question byChadgarcia
    on 20 Sep, 2016

    Do you guys have all white singlets?

    Joey's picture

    Yes, although the ASICS solid modified does not come in white. The Matman 95 HeavyWeight Lycra is a great singlet that comes in all white!

    Answered by Joey on 21 Sep, 2016

    Chadgarcia question solvedSolved T 0
  • Question byMamadurk
    on 06 Dec, 2015

    Can I have a name added to this singlet

    Dave Applegate's picture

    Unfortunately, ASICS does not sell one-off customized Solid Modified Singlets. If you are interested in modifying a singlet, one of our team sales reps at 888-887-8893 would be more than happy to guide you through the process.

    Answered by Dave Applegate on 11 Dec, 2015

    Mamadurk question solvedSolved T 0
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