ASICS International Lyte: Revival of one of the greatest all-time classic wrestling shoes

The ASICS International Lyte Wrestling Shoe is the ultimate blast from the past that so many wrestling sneaker heads have been waiting for. It was consistently one of the most popular competition shoes all through the 80’s and 90’s, particularly among elite collegiate and international level athletes. Even after going out of production, it remained a bit of a cult classic, thus prompting the re-release. This high-performance, classic throwback is one of the most comfortable wrestling shoes we’ve ever come across. When you put your feet in them, it just feels right. Thanks to ASICS’ Mono-Sock Fit System, it will feel like you’re wearing…well…socks. Although, hopefully you’re also wearing real socks as well or your feet will get more nasty than they already are. There is plenty of padding in all the right places, especially around the ankle.

As is typical for any ASICS wrestling shoe, the International Lyte was designed with quality, attention to detail, and style in mind. While it has a fairly minimalist and retro looking style, each aspect of the shape, fit, and materials were carefully designed for superior performance, durability, and comfort. The upper is made almost entirely of a super suede Escaine material that is both highly durably and ultra-lightweight. On the side, you’ll notice the “old school” style ASICS logo. The split outsole of the International Lyte is entirely unique to this shoe. It features a split sole which allows for the perfect balance of grip and flexibility, so you can move quickly to evade attacks and be ready to counter in an instant. To the untrained eye, it doesn’t appear to be very grippy, but anyone who’s worn them will tell you otherwise. If you look closely, you can see that the surface of the rubber grip area is almost like sandpaper, giving you air-tight traction on the mat. As the name implies, this shoe was originally designed for international style mats, like you see in the Olympics, which have a much different surface from typical mats you see in the U.S. and requires different features for top performance.

Any wrestling shoe sneaker head will know that there have been several different versions, colorways, and iterations of this model over the years. This re-release comes as close as possible to the very first version that ASICS made, with a few upgrades on the materials, using more advanced shoe making technology.

This rare unicorn of a wrestling shoe is considered part of ASICS’ Tiger line of premium sports footwear. ASICS Tiger is a lifestyle brand that came about between 1986 and 1991 when Japan had a resurgence and became the 2nd most powerful economy in the world. In 1986 they introduced alpha gel in their high-performance sports models, making this technological advancement an instant classic. The Tiger brand represents the interaction of Japanese heritage and modern flair, with an emphasis on infusing artistry, culture and innovation into their shoe designs. Only a few wrestling shoes have made the cut to be part of this exclusive and high-end Tiger brand, and the International Lyte is one of them.

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Men's, Women's
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Hybrid Sole
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LowHigh Outsole Height BeginnerAdvancedCompetition Level LowMediumHigh Grip LowMediumHigh Flexibility NormalExtra Wide Width LightStandardHeavy Shoe Weight

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    What the WrestlingMart Team Says About The - ASICS International Lyte

    Corey Griego's picture

    Corey Griego

    Corey Griego

    The Asics International Lytes is a very comfortable shoe that has great ankle support with plenty of grip, that is my personal favorite style of shoe.

  • 14 Mar, 2019 Wrestler
    u u u u u
    Fit Survey
    : Normal Width

    My favorite shoes that I have ever owned So comfortable and stylish. As long as you lace them up tight, you have ankle support for days. The sole looks super simple but offer amazing grip. Flexible too.

    T 1
  • 14 Dec, 2018 Wrestler
    u u u u u

    Very comfortable, easy to lean and a great all-around shoe!

    T 0
  • 09 Jan, 2018 Wrestler
    u u u u u

    The shoes were good. When I put them on, they fit better than the wrestling shoes I have now.

    T 2
  • 02 Jan, 2018 Wrestler
    u u u u u

    These shoes are LIT! Trust me, like actually trust me... I don't lie when I say these shoes are LIT. The shoes are the most comfortable shoes in the world! I almost slept in them one time. Just kidding, who does that? But they are very good shoes and they're perfect for your matches!

    T 3
  • 07 Aug, 2017 Wrestler
    u u u u u

    Cool color! Total classic shoe. Durable leather and suede, yet lightweight. Had more grip than expected.

    T 0
  • Question byDon Palmucci
    on 29 Jun, 2019

    Price much cheaper on EastBay for the Asics International LYTE at $124.99. Let me know if you can match this price being we always shop with you.

    In order for us to Price Match Eastbay they must have the shoe, color and size you are interested in stock. If all those apply, we would be happy to price match the shoe for you.

    You will need to call in to place the order for the price matching.

    Answered by Products on 01 Jul, 2019

    Don Palmucci question solvedSolved T 0
  • Question byLane Quandahl
    on 10 Feb, 2019

    Do you still have Ascis International Lyte in the Limoges/White/Rogue Red in stock?

    That color will no longer be brought back in. ASICS has discontinued that specific color.

    Answered by Products on 15 Feb, 2019

    Lane Quandahl  question solvedSolved T 0
  • Question byVova
    on 27 Oct, 2018

    Hello. I am writing to you from Siberia. I would like to know whether this product is white or blue. Do you have a store in California left in your presence? Please answer me, I live so far away and I dream of these wrestling shoes since childhood thank you , my shoe size is 8.5 , shoes international Lyte white or grey

    The International Lyte colors are blue/red, grey/teal and the black/grey. We do have a store located in California.

    Answered by Products on 29 Oct, 2018

    Vova  question solvedSolved T 0
  • Question byElijawan
    on 30 Jun, 2018

    I need them in a 6.5 when will they be in stock

    Did you know which color you are referring to? Asics are no longer to be bringing in the Royal Blue or the Grey International Lyte.

    Answered by Products on 02 Jul, 2018

    Elijawan  question solvedSolved T 0
  • Question byCharlie
    on 03 Nov, 2017

    Are the international lyte’s available in a smaller size?

    Joey P.'s picture

    These shoes only begin in the sizes stated on the website.

    Answered by Joey P. on 06 Nov, 2017

    Charlie question solvedSolved T 0
  • Question byRJ152
    on 03 Nov, 2017

    Are these more durable than past lytes?

    Joey P.'s picture

    At this point in time we have not received any bad news regarding these International Lytes. They seem to be holdilng up pretty well.

    Answered by Joey P. on 06 Nov, 2017

    RJ152 question solvedSolved T 1
  • Question byAlec M
    on 29 Sep, 2017

    Does this shoe have enough grip or do you think to wrestle better you need more

    This shoe does not have as much grip as an Aggressor or a JB Elite but it can get the job done. The shoe doesn't make the wrestler. Hard work and practice will make you a better wrestler.

    Answered by Products on 29 Sep, 2017

    Alec M question solvedSolved T 0
  • Question byAdrian
    on 10 Jun, 2017

    Do you think companies will start to re release shoes

    Joey P.'s picture

    It really depends on the companies to see if they are going to be re-releasing any old shoes. I know last year they released the Cael V1 and this summer the International Lyte.

    Answered by Joey P. on 13 Jun, 2017

    Adrian question solvedSolved T 0
  • Question byEddie
    on 05 Jun, 2017

    Will this be the only color available or will they be coming with the black and red or the green and yellow?

    At the moment this is the only color that Asics will be releasing.

    Answered by Products on 05 Jun, 2017

    Eddie question solvedSolved T 0
  • Question bythe Danator
    on 01 May, 2017

    When will these be back in stock?

    Joey P.'s picture

    These shoes are pre-order at the moment and we should be receiving these late July.

    Answered by Joey P. on 01 May, 2017

    the Danator question solvedSolved T 0
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