McDavid Elite Knee Sleeve

: Black

McDavid Elite Knee Sleeve: 4-Way Elite Elastic with Gel Buttress and Stays

McDavid’s Elite Knee Sleeve is a sort of hybrid between a sleeve and a brace, and is meant for athletes who have minor knee irritations or injuries such as light sprains or runner’s knee. It’s made entirely of a super comfy, super durable 4-way stretch fabric built for superior compression, fit, and breathability. The ergonomic design is made to fit perfectly with the shape of your knee and move as you move without any pinching or discomfort. The “donut” looking thing around the kneecap area is called a buttress. It’s made of gel, and it’s incredibly helpful for keeping things in place, and allows your knee to bend properly while relieving tension on your patellar tendon. Since wrestlers tend to run a lot for training, this feature is a life saver. The great thing is, you can wear these while running or wrestling; it’s perfect for both! On either side, this sleeve is reinforced with spring steel stays for added stability, which comes in handy if you’re recovering from an injury, like an MCL sprain. Key word: recovering, as in it’s almost healed. Please consult your physical trainer or doctor on choosing a brace if your injury is fresh.


•    E3 is your number one choice when you’re looking for lightweight, no-bulk, slip-on support for knees, Achilles tendons, ankles and wrists
•    Advanced 4-way stretch elastic material engineered for breathability, increased compression and fit without heat retention
•    Ergonomic form-shaping design provides added stability, support and comfort
•    Gel buttress provides added pain-relieving compression to targeted area
•    Reinforced with spring steel stays for added support and lateral movement
•    Ideal for those with neoprene allergies
•    Simple, easy-on, easy-off
•    Fits left or right
•    Color: Black, Ultra Silver
•    Size: S, M, L, XL
•    Materials Used: 70% nylon/30% spandex (elastane)