ASICS Youth Matflex 6

$3999 $5500
: Black-Silver

ASICS Matflex 6 GS Youth- It's Not the Size of the Dog in the Fight, but the Size of the Fight in the Dog

When it comes to elite-level wrestling, it isn't always about being the biggest, oldest, or most experienced out on the mat. ASCIS knows that an elite-level shoe is necessary for youth wrestlers to fall in love with the great sport of wrestling and to build up the skills it takes to be a great athlete. You might not think it now, but the next Olympic wrestling gold medalist, NCAA champion, or elite-level coach, is wrestling at the local peewee tournament in the 45lbs division, giving it everything they have. For almost fifteen years, ASICS has been outfitting wrestling legends in the Matflex, and they were so well loved that they are now in their sixth generation! Notorious for being an entry-level shoe that looks the part, the Matflex used to scream “I'm the new guy! I don't know what I’m doing out here!” While that didn't stop the greats, like Jordan Burroughs, from doubling legging foes in the Matflex, it did for many other wrestlers. However, ASICS has come to change the Matflex stigma by creating an elite-level shoe perfect for any level of wrestler, while clocking in at an entry-level price point. The Matflex 6 GS Youth is extremely breathable, which your nostrils and your wrestler will thank you for, as the mesh panel overlays allow for maximum airflow. There’s also a slick full-rubber sole along the bottom that’s perfect for maximum wrestling traction on what can sometimes be less than optimal mat conditions. The sponge-like padding throughout the inside of the shoe keeps your kids' growing feet extremely comfortable, allowing them to be responsive and aggressive on the mat, in comfort. Complete with an easy-to-use lace garage that harbors the laces for the entire match, the Matflex garage will make sure that the laces stay tied, no matter who's doing the tying. Coming in more colors than ever and built from the best materials the brand can find, this is a highly competitive shoe that is built for durability, while remaining one of the comfiest shoes in the ASICS lineup. Perfect for competition, practice, or wearing around the house, because your kid will love them so much, the Matflex is perfect for any new grappler or seasoned weekend warrior. Whether you are grabbing one pair of Matflex 6 GS Youth’s for this upcoming season or five pairs to account for growth over the next few seasons, these come in every size from K10 to youth size 6. Designed with the youth wrestler in mind, this shoe will become the ultimate training partner for your future Olympic Champion, no matter how small.