ASICS Matflex 6

$4499 $6000
: Black-Silver

ASICS Matflex 6- The Sixth Generation of a Generation Defining Shoe

The Matflex is one of ASICS’ longest running shoe lines ever, and you are guaranteed to have seen at least one pair at some point in your life. Whether on a wrestler, powerlifter, grappler, or on a movie set, people have put the Matflex through every kind of test you can think of. That’s because it is one of the best-selling, and all-around reliable wrestling shoes of all time. Time and time again it has proven its dominance on the mat whether at a youth wrestlers first practice, or on the world championships stage.

Now into its sixth generation, the Matflex just keeps coming back for more, and we’re here for it. If you are looking for the perfect beginner shoe, practice shoe, or a durable jack-of-all-trades shoe, the ASICS Matflex is always our first recommendation. The new Matflex doesn’t come with any unnecessary or bulky additions to weigh it down and stays true to its original design with updated materials. Back in the day, even Jordan Burroughs trusted the Matflex to double leg his opponents before his own signature shoe, and we like to think he’d approve of the current remodel. The sole of the Matflex 6 is the same sole that the past models have sported, and it’s designed to get the maximum amount of grip possible from any position. Even compared to top-of-the-line shoes, the Matflex is one of the grippiest shoes available. Built out of a thick high-quality rubber, the unisole design takes everything you throw at it, season after season. The biggest change to the Matflex 6 is the newly redesigned upper. ASICS completely remodeled the upper and has created a perfect entry-level shoe that doesn’t scream out “entry-level wrestler”. With a slick modern look, it’s perfect for any athlete wanting to up their game. Completed with suede and mesh overlays, and the classic ASICS branding, the Matflex 6 will always keep your feet dry and light in the heat of battle. The mid top shoe is finished off with the lace pocket that ASICS has included on most of its shoes before. No bulky strap or scratchy Velcro to get in the way, just a classic pocket that neatly tucks away your laces, hassle free.

Coming in one of the smallest sizes available, and one of the biggest sizes available, the Matflex 6 is truly made for any and every athlete. When every athlete, beginner or weathered, is looking for a positive experience in the sport, the perfect shoe can make all the difference. ASICS came locked and loaded and delivered one of the best all-around shoes we’ve ever seen, perfect for any athlete, coach, or referee who’s ready to step on the mat.