ASICS Split Elite

: Red-Black
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ASICS Split Elite Adult- Sports Car Performance in a Wrestling Shoe

The ASICS Split Elite wrestling shoe is one of the most confusing wrestling shoes currently on the market. From the first appearance it looks like a form of luxury. Coming in regal colors of either crisp white and gold, or lux black and gold, they look like something from your favorite fashion designer. Completed by the classic ASICS “A” logo in gold on the side, there is minimal branding needed, because you already know who made this work of art.

The Split Elite is so well made it looks like it shouldn’t even touch a mat, it's like the sports car you only take out on the weekend. The thing is, that's all appearance. Under the hood the ASICS Split Elite is an absolute workhorse designed to perform in the toughest of environments. While it may not look it, this shoe was built for hard work. Composed of the highest quality materials available in its suede and leather overlays, the Split Elite can handle whatever task you throw at it. Interwoven with strategic mesh construction that provides for unmatched breathability, you’ll never be slowed down by sweaty shoes day in and day out. When they finally get hung up at the end of the day, they’ll be patiently waiting for you, always ready to get an extra go in. With a durable midsole suede construction that wraps around the toe, a shoe blowout interrupting your training will be the least of your worries. Whether you’re sliding the top of the shoe across the mat for a sprawl, or driving forward into your opponent, the Split Elite will handle it perfectly. Finishing off the upper of the shoe is an effective lace pocket that makes it quick and easy to cleanly tuck your laces away with no uncomfortable lacing or bunching. This pocket makes it a quick and worry-free process to get your shoes on and get right to work. Running along the bottom of the shoe is ASICS famous split-sole design with circular traction pads that provides for the perfect combination between sticky traction and feather-lite weight. Extremely flexible, the sole can twist in any direction and is always able to find the perfect angle to grip the mat with. Perfect for keeping in bounds, driving your top pressure forward, or back pressuring in for a standup, the grip on the ASICS Split Elite is unmatched. Flexible, durable, breathable, and stylish, ASICS put all their efforts into getting the must-have qualities of a perfect shoe wrapped into one package. One of the longest brands in the wrestling shoe world, ASICS knew exactly what it took to craft a champion with the Split Elite wrestling shoe. Because in order to win the gold medal match, it takes a sports car level performance.