Adidas HVC 2

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Introducing the Adidas HVC 2 - the workhorse of wrestling shoes! Lightweight and durable, it features synthetic suede and leather overlays for added character and function. The full-length outsole ensures consistent mat contact and exceptional grip. Stay comfortable and secure with the elasticized laces that keep your laces tucked away.

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Adidas HVC 2: The reliable entry level wrestling shoe that lets your hustle like a champ

The Adidas HVC 2 is the ideal wrestling shoe for beginner and intermediate level wrestlers who want to take their training seriously and need something simple, reliable, and comfortable to hit the ground running. Although the visual design is nearly identical, don’t confuse this with the original Adidas HVC shoe. The new and improved HVC 2 is made with upgraded materials and even slight design changes that make it more comfortable, more durable, and better looking than the previous model. Overall, it’s a very lightweight shoe, featuring a single layer of mesh on either side to provide excellent ventilation and added comfort. The structure and support of the upper is made up of a mix of both synthetic leather and synthetic suede. Both are very durable, and offer the form-fitting shape that will help keep your feet stable during intense training and competition. What really makes the HVC 2 a great shoe for newer wrestlers is the full-length rubber outsole. If you look through all the different shoe options, you’ll notice quite a wide range of different types of outsoles. Some are extremely minimal split soles, and others look like someone slapped a tractor tire on the bottoms. Most wrestlers will lean one way or the other after a few years, but starting out with a basic full-sole that is still very flexible is the best of both worlds for someone who is just starting out. Finally, they come equipped with a convenient elasticized lace strap to keep your laces from coming undone during a match. This eliminates the need to tape your laces, and makes the HVC 2 legal footwear for any folkstyle, freestyle, or Greco wrestling competition.

Due to the rapidly increasing popularity of this wrestling shoe, the HVC 2 has been adding more new and exciting colorways, including the newest grey and red-orange, which is sure to add some flare to your outfit. It also comes in the traditional black with white accents and gum sole, and a very patriotic red white and blue theme. Go USA! Of course, each colorway comes with the classic 3-stripe Adidas logo, giving them that classic retro look that so many athletes love. This shoe is also very popular among grapplers, mixed martial artists, and no-gi Jiu Jitsu practitioners. Since other martial artists mostly train with no shoes, they are usually looking for something more simple and very flexible at times when they need wrestling shoes for cross-training or are covering up a foot injury. The Adidas HVC 2 is great for this purpose; it provides grip when you need it, but is flexible enough that it won’t constrict your movement or feel unnatural. Whether you’re just starting out, have been wrestling for a few years, or are coming from a different martial art or sport, we have a great footwear solution for you in the Adidas HVC 2. It may look “basic”, but it’s an absolute workhorse and will keep up with the demands that come with training to be the best!