Matman 4 Inch Mat Tape

Matman's 4 inch mat tape is what what the best wrestling coaches use to keep their mats locked in place nice and tight. It's particularly usefull if you plan to leave your mats in the same place (such as a wrestling room) for an extended period of time. In general, the 3-inch is more popular for quick clinics or 1 day tournaments since it's so short-lived. The 4" tape is much better for a lasting tape job. It's made of the same great 8-mil transparent PVC as their 3" tape, just with an extra inch of width to really pull your mats together. This tape is known for having a great stickyness factor, without leaving a bunch of nasty tape residue beind. If you are carefull with you treat your tape and lay it down nicely, you should be able to re-use it. The key is making sure you clean your mats to be as spotless and dry, getting the seams lined up perfectly, then applying the tape. If you make it sloppy, or get too much dirt on your tape, you won't be able to re-use it. 

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Manufacturer :
Mat Tape Width :
4 Inch
Mat Tape Length :
84 Feet

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    What the WrestlingMart Team Says About The - Matman 4 inch Mat Tape

    Corey Griego's picture

    Corey Griego

    Corey Griego

    This is a great mat tape that will do the job of keeping your mats together and still leave no messy residue when it needs to be peeled up.

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