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KeyClean Matcleaner 72  main KeyClean Mat Cleaner (72 1-oz.Packets) $89.95
KeyClean Introductory Package  main KeyClean Introductory Package $315.95
kennedy ken clean plus 2 gallon  main uuuuu(1)5 Kennedy KenClean Plus Mat Cleaner-2.5 Gal. $82.99
kennedy ken clean plus gallon  main uuuuu(1)5 Kennedy KenClean Plus Mat Cleaner-1 Gallon $36.99
kennedy ken clean plus quart  main uuuuu(1)5 Kennedy KenClean Plus Mat Cleaner-1 Quart $14.95

Mat Cleaner Solutions - The Magic Potion to Mat Cleanliness

Mat cleaner solution is the ultimate liquid gold when it comes to wrestling, and yes, we know it isn’t actually colored gold (but it’s worth its weight in gold). That is because it is the substance that keeps all of your wrestling mats and gear safe while preventing your athletes from attending preventable doctors’ visits. Wrestling mat cleaner is a necessary accessory to have in your wrestling repertoire and can be used for a multitude of purposes. It is actually safe for any non-porous athletic surfaces, so it is perfect for cleaning mats, wiping down headgears, and cleaning shoe bottoms. A great life hack is to actually keep a shallow dish off of the wrestling mat with water and mat cleaner in it for the wrestlers to step in when they return from getting water or use the bathroom. When it comes to picking out your wrestling mat solution the choice is entirely up to you and your cleaning needs. We offer mat cleaning solution in varying sizes with one quart, one gallon, and two-and-a-half gallon varieties. WrestlingMart even carries individually packaged one-time use packages if you know exactly how many times you’ll be mopping your mats down. It should be noted that these cleaning solutions can really stretch out, many requiring only a few ounces per gallon of water. If you’re washing your mats before every use, like you should be then it makes for an even better bang for your buck! Once you make the switch to a high-quality mat cleaning solution, you’ll never want to go back to your harsh cleaners and bleach again.

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