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CK The Impact Kneepad Black 9900 Adult  black front Cliff Keen The Impact™ Knee Pad-Adult $14.99
CK The Impact Kneepad Scarlet 2500 Adult  scarlet front Cliff Keen The Impact™ Knee Pad-Adult $14.99
CK The Impact Kneepad Wht Gry 0195 Adult  white grey front Cliff Keen The Impact™ Knee Pad-Adult $14.99
Adidas aK103 Reversible Kneepad 9900 Black Grey  black dark-grey main uuuuu(1)5 Adidas aK103 Reversible Kneepad $22.99
Adidas aK100 Wrestling Kneepad Black  black front uuuuu(1)5 Adidas aK100/aK200 Adult/Youth Kneepad $18.99
Adidas aK102 Wrestling Kneepad Grey Black  grey black front uuuuu(1)5 Adidas aK102 Kneepad $23.99
Adidas aK101 Padded Knee Sleeve Black  black front uuuuu(1)5 Adidas aK101 Padded Leg Sleeve $21.99
Cliff Keen Youth Sure Shot Shooting Sleeve Black Grey  black grey front Cliff Keen Adult/Youth Sure Shot Shooting Sleeve $13.99
ASICS JR 09 Youth Wrestling Kneepads  black main uuuuu(2)5 ASICS JR 09 Youth Wrestling Kneepads $16.95
ASICS JR 09 Youth Wrestling Kneepads  white main uuuuu(2)5 ASICS JR 09 Youth Wrestling Kneepads $16.95
McDavid Teflx Leg Sleeve  black main uuuuu(2)4 McDavid TEFLX Leg Sleeves $49.99
ASICS Gel Conform Kneepad  black main uuuuu(3)5 ASICS Gel Conform Kneepads $17.99
ASICS Gel Conform Kneepad  white main uuuuu(3)5 ASICS Gel Conform Kneepads $17.99
MatMan Youth Knee Sleeve  black main MatMan Youth Knee Sleeve $12.99
McDavid Elite Achilles Tendon Sleeve  black grey main uuuuu(1)5 McDavid Elite Achilles Tendon Sleeve $29.99
McDavid Knee Support Pad  black black main uuuuu(3)5 McDavid Knee Support Pad $24.99
McDavid Elite Knee Sleeve  black black main uuuuu(2)5 McDavid Elite Knee Sleeve $49.99
McDavid TEFLX Kneepad  black black main uuuu(3)4.7 McDavid TEFLX Kneepads $44.99
Cliff Keen Kneepad  black front uuuuu(2)5 Cliff Keen Youth Impact Kneepad $11.95
Cliff Keen Knee Sleeve  black front uuuuu(6)5 Cliff Keen Knee Sleeve Adult & Youth $11.99
Cliff Keen Air Brace  black front uuuu(3)4.7 Cliff Keen Air Brace Kneepad $40.99
Cliff Keen Wraptor 2.0  black front uuuu(7)4.6 Cliff Keen Wraptor 2.0 Kneepad $20.99
matman neoprene air knee pad  black front uuuuu(5)5 Matman Neoprene Air Wrestling Kneepad $14.99
cliff keen Xtreme impact knee pad  black uuuuu(4)5 Cliff Keen XTREME Impact Knee Pad $27.50
asics slider knee pad  black front uuuuu(1)5 Asics Slider Kneepads Adult & Youth $15.99
Asics Slider Kneepad Adult & Youth  white front uuuuu(1)5 Asics Slider Kneepads Adult & Youth $15.99
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Wrestling Knee Pads

Kneepads are a wonderful addition to the outfit of any wrestler who has one or more knee. Although they are not necessarily required for competition, they can be incredibly helpful in keeping your knees comfortable and healthy throughout the season. As many seasoned wrestlers know, this is easier said than done. Wrestling is a very intense sport and can by taxing on our bodies. A wide variety of knee injuries are fairly common. Hopefully, by using kneepads, you can protect yourself from the more easily preventable ones.

The biggest reasons people invest in kneepads is to allow more ease of movement and impact protection when taking shots, or wrestling on the ground. Depending on your wrestling style, preference, and the type of mat you’re on, you may have any number of kneepad choices. For really hard mats, you will want something more padded. If all you’re worried about is being able to slide better on your shots, you might on need a sleeve. Many people like having two kneepads, while some only need one on their lead leg. You decide.

There are two main types of knee injuries that kneepads help prevent. Most common is what we simply refer to as “mat burn”. Basically, when you take a shot on the mat, the skin on your knee can get scraped, and it’s very annoying to deal with. The other most common types of knee injuries are simple bruises, as well as more damaging bursitis.

Knee bursitis is the inflammation of the bursa in your knee joint. The bursa is a tiny, fluid filled sac that acts as padding and helps your knee move more easily. If it’s hit hard or you land on it wrong, these suckers can blow up like balloons, which is definitely something you don’t want. It’s extremely painful, and can get worse if not treated in a timely manner. What kneepads cannot protect against are things like tears or sprains in the ligaments, tendons, or cartilage in or surrounding the knee. Those injuries are caused by incorrect movement of the knee joint, not a lack of padding.

In every sport, including wrestling, there are injuries. Many are preventable by using great protective gear and knowing your positions well; others are simply freak accidents. We want to be able to help you prevent the ones you can, and that is why we recommend adding kneepads to your practice and competition protective wear.

If you have any questions about knee pads, or any of our other products, please give us a call at 1-888-887-8893.


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